Essential Tips To Raising a Happy Dog

Whether you’ve had your pup since birth or adopted an elderly dog, you want to give your furry friend the very best care and attention they deserve. Every dog has unique needs based on their age, breed, weight, and unique personality traits. We all know that each dog needs food, water, exercise, and attention but how to give them what they need isn’t quite as easy as one might think. With so many factors to keep in mind here’s a helpful guide full of helpful tips to raising the happiest, healthiest dog possible!

Did you know that the average young dog needs at least 30 minutes of quality exercise each and every day. If at all possible off leash walking and running is the best form of exercise! Sniffing around and playing with other dogs are also great ways for your pup to get the workout he needs. If you want to really amp up your dog’s exercise time, work out with them! This helps to motivate you and keeps your dog super happy. Get all the active wear you need for your active time with your furry friend at Athleta! They’ve got great deals on athletic clothing for every activity you could want; yoga, running, training, and even water sports (perfect if your dog can hang ten).


Now that you’ve got the daily exercise down another key element of your dog’s health is in their diet. It’s best to feed your dog a healthy diet twice every day, this helps their digestion. When figuring out what to feed your furry friend be sure to keep away from soy, wheat, and corn. These can cause more than health problems, they can cause behavioral problems! These behavioral problems include allergies and hyperactivity. Be sure to avoid overfeeding. An easy way to do this is to monitor your dog’s physique.

Keep these things in mind when raising your dog and you’re sure to have a happy, healthy puppy!